Singhasari Museum

Singhasari Museum is managed by the Department of Tourism and Culture of Malang Regency in the Field of Culture with the parent organization of the Malang Regency Government. Singhasari Museum was inaugurated on May 20, 2015, by the Regent of Malang, Dr. Rendra Kresna.

At a relatively young age, it is still necessary to complete the organization at the Singhasari Museum in terms of human resources and other infrastructure. Since its inauguration, the Singhasari Museum has expanded its education, research, environmental awareness, and sustainable tourism activities. Currently, the museum area has become one of the tourist attractions. It was hoped that the Singhasari Museum would become more popular and advanced and provide many benefits.

Address: Singhasari Residence, Krajan, Klampok Village, Singosari District, Malang Regency, East Java
📞 (0341) 456644

Business Hours

Monday09.00 – 15.30
Tuesday09.00 – 15.30
Wednesday09.00 – 15.30
Thursday09.00 – 15.30
Friday09.00 – 15.00