Singhasari Museum has many collections divided into several categories. Each collection is neatly and eye-catching arranged. Visitors can see every collection in the museum’s exhibition room. The collection categories at the Singhasari Museum are shown below.

Diorama Collections

A diorama is a three-dimensional miniature that demonstrates a scene in a small size complemented by statues and environmental details and combined with a natural-colored background; a three-dimensional pattern or…

Statue Collections

Singhasari Museum has eight replica statues. Each statue has an interesting story to read. These statues represent Gods and goddesses who can change their body shape.

Temple Mockup Collections

A mockup is a replica of a building in three dimensions and on a small scale, usually made of wood, paper, clay, and so on.

Malangan Masks

This mask collection is the legacy of the Malangan mask maestro, Mbah Karimun Kedungmonggo Pakisaji. Dozens of mask collections are stored in the Singhasari Museum.

Other Collections

Singhasari Museum stores hundreds of collections of ancient and historical objects. Not only is the collection already listed on the collections menu, but also the museum keeps other collections such as antique bricks,…