Sumberawan Stupa

Archaeologists predicted this place named Kasurangganan in the past, a name from Negarakertagama. This place was visited by Hayam Wuruk while he traveled in East Java in 1359 AD, So it can be predicted this temple was built after 1359 AD. From the inscribed form on the batur dagoba (stupa) can be predicted that Sumberawan Stupa was found during the XIV-XV century during the Majapahit Kingdom. Sumberawan Stupa has Buddhist religion background.

The stupa building consists of a batur, foundationand stupa. Batur is a square with sides of 6.30 meters and a height of 2.60 meters. The foundation of the temple is square with a side of 5.04 meters and a height of 1.08 meters. The height of the stupa is 2.42 meters.