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Bentang Alam Dataran Tinggi Malang Abad VII – XVIII

Sobat Museum tau gak sih apa itu Situs Watu Gilang? So guys, Check this Out!

The exhibition room of Singhasari Museum is divided into 4 rooms and 1 hall as a historical gallery of the Tumapel Kingdom and historical objects from Malang Regency society. Tourists who visit will be accompanied by Singhasari Museum’s guide to explore and got an explanation about the collections.

Estd 2015

About Us

Singhasari Museum is managed by the Department of Tourism and Culture of Malang Regency in the Field of Culture with the parent organization of the Malang Regency Government.


Singhasari Museum is a museum that actively receives domestic and foreign visits. Tourists come with certain purposes. Those purposes are to conduct study tours and research. And also guide and learn together at the museum.


Singhasari Museum keeps hundreds of historical objects. The existing collections are original and replicas of the object. These objects are divided into several categories.


Singhasari Museum has many collections divided into several categories. Each collection is neatly and eye-catching arranged. Visitors can see every collection in the museum’s exhibition room.

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